Crazy Animal (see the movie trailer here!) is John Birmingham's first feature film out now in stores online, video on demand and select locations, from Troma Entertainment, of course!

Jeff, a rapist frat boy, is allured down to a summer getaway beach house by Jen, an attractive girl he raped in high school. Jeff and his friends are expecting a crazy spring break weekend with Jen, her friend Meese and other girls. However, when they wander into the nearby woods, they find Ricky, an apparently crazy glam metal rocker who is rocking out by himself in full on glam rock costume in a little shack in the woods by himself. Ricky spots them and takes them captive. Together with Jen and her friends, Ricky captures Jeff's confession to rape on tape. But Jeff breaks free and starts to go on a killing spree so no one will ever have proof of his crime. Will Jeff continue getting away with more violence starting on this fateful day? Or will Ricky, Jen and Meese bring justice to Jeff?'

John Birmingham wrote, directed, produced, edited (all post production including sound design), composed and starred in the movie himself (someone with this much creative control is known as an "auteur"). For a lot of the film shoot, John filmed using Panavision and Arriflex 35mm movie cameras, on a custom built sound stage. Formany days John had a full union crew, even filmed at a set built house as the beach house, that was an expensive rental and other expensive rental locations in Los ANgeles with a rented movie trailer, generators, porta potties and it was filmed as a real Hollywood movie. However, John ran out of money and had to film the rest of hte movie by himself and with the help of Danica DeCosto as cinematographer, filming in DV. Crazy Animal is available from Troma Entertainment, and at one time was rated the #900 most popular movie of its time by the IMDb. Crazy Animal is rated R for language and nudity. It is for adults and can be bought from Troma Entertainment direct on DVD for less than $6 at this link: Crazy Animal! (a Hollywood movie starring Ron Jeremy, John Birmingham, Danica DeCosto and friends!)

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Crazy Animal feature film by John Birmingham